Julian Vasquez Heilig, education chair of the California NAACP posted news that the NAACP has called for moratorium on the proliferation of privately managed charters. The motion was brought by California.

Vasquez Heilig said, "I believe the NAACP, the nation’s vanguard of civil rights, has AGAIN demonstrated and articulated critical leadership sorely lacking from many other civil rights organizations on the issue of school choice."

Vasquez Heilig is right about AGAIN. When I talked with him this morning, he outlined the evolution of NAACP's position. In 2010, the NAACP acknowledged that charter schools cause segregation. Last year, it stated that charter schools are privatization. Now, NAACP is boldly calling for action.

The topic is sure to come up at next month's conference of the National Urban League in Baltimore, when Vasquez Heilig joins a panel with Steve Perry, John King and others who have co-opted the language of the civil rights movement to advance charters and the privatization agenda.

You can read the rest of his post and others on his fantastic blog Cloaking Inequity.