The LAUSD school board will retreat--er, meet--today at 10:00am to consider Ref Rodriguez's (founder of PUC charters and current school board member) recommended changes to Prop 39 implementation.

Prop 39 is the state law that requires neighborhood schools to turn over underutilized public classroom facilities to privately managed charters. A copy of the resolution is here.

The resolution seeks board approval for an "impartial group of District and charter school leaders, currently working at co-located campuses, [to] be assembled".

He hasn't mentioned yet how he intends to find anyone working on a co-located campus who could possibly be described as impartial.

Rodriguez's resolution claims that Prop 39 is "an opportunity for charter schools and traditional schools to collaborate by sharing resources that benefit all public school students..."

So, it's all good. And to make it obvious that this is going to be an amicable conversation--whether you want it to be or not!--the board meeting will be "retreat style". Rather than the usual, chilly board room, the retreat will be held at the California Community Foundation. That's the foundation that administers Eli Broad's grant to fund Los Angeles Times coverage of  Broad's and the charter industry's hostile takeover plan of LAUSD. Again, impartiality abounds.

What could possibly go wrong?