PSconnect is Public Schools connect, a new level of community engagement for public schools.

We connect public schools to the community and the community to our schools. When community leaders know what schools are accomplishing and what they are lacking, they can help teachers and principals do what they do best. When the media understands what's really happening in our schools, the story changes.

As a mom, I choose public schools because I believe diversity is better than division. I want my children to relate to the city and the world in which we live. But there is an assault on public education. Schools are stuck in a conflict that has nothing to do with our children. Schools bear all the responsibility for student success but receive less and less to get results. And there is more competition than ever.

Schools aren't failing. We are failing our schools. That's why I started PSconnect. 

Our public program series, PSconnects Us! covers provocative topics that are impacting our schools. We bring grassroots leaders from across the country to share their stories of hard-won victories and heart-wrenching defeats that inspire and empower LA's parents and education supporters. Check out the Events tab above to see what's happening.

Join us as we make Friends to Public Schools!

Karen Wolfe, founder